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Garage door leads a simpler life, by just working up and down, for months or years. Till one day, you find your garage door not working correctly like the way they used to. That’s the moment you should focus on getting your garage door examined by a professional worker.

Check for the rollers and trackers, and remember the last time you cleaned it. If you haven’t cleaned it in a while, then do it on the spot.

Make sure that the hardware is tightened. Next is to check for the pulleys and cables that your garage door holds, and it can be worn out by time, so it has to be replaced from time to time by a professional garage door repairman.

If you experience none of the issues, you should rather call an experienced garage door maintenance specialist from “Wi Garage door service” instead of fixing it on your own.

Below are some other garage door issues that should be fixed immediately, or you’ll be facing a costly repair or installation of the garage door.


It usually happens when the days and nights get coldest. You face inconvenience in opening and closing your garage door; the possibility is maybe the garage door’s screws got frozen because of the mixture of moisture and icy weather. Sometimes, it’s the slightly jammed door that the opener can quickly fix, but if it’s not opening, then consider not try again by yourself. It would surely get you in more trouble and can become costly if you’d keep on trying to open the frozen door.

Call a professional garage door repairman to get it fixed, from “Wi Garage Door Service.”


A garage door works accurately fine for approximately 50 years or more, but it eventually gets worn out after a certain period. That’s when you should get yourself a new garage door; installation of the garage door. It’s not as easy as it sounds because installation requires a professional hand, and not everyone can do it correctly!

Feel free to connect at “Wi Garage Door Service” for the best garage door installation.


Who likes frequent noises? I am sure no one. The noise produced by garage doors is often irritating for the ones who’re sleeping close to it or the neighbours too. In some instances, most noisy garage doors can be fixed easily by routine maintenance, but if the noise continues, the possibility is that the door’s hinges need a replacement. For that purpose, you would need a professional garage door maintenance specialist to perform this task effectively.

Contact at “Wi Garage Door Service” to get your garage door served by our professionals.


The main door holds an important place when it comes to entering or leaving the site. Imagine getting stuck outside or inside your garage because the door is not operating correctly.

Save yourself from these hectic situations and get your door maintained timely.


It’s of no doubt that when you entertain certain play activities like cricket, baseball, etc., most garage door’s glass gets broken, which becomes a significant security issue and allows every organism outside to enter within your area. Although it’s not as hard, you require a professional repairer to install a new glass on your garage door.¬†Get the professionalism at “Wi Garage Door Service.”


The most tragic robberies or incidents usually occur via garage doors. The old garage doors or worn-out garage doors often invites the thief to get inside quickly, and you wouldn’t want that.

Therefore, keep a check on your garage door’s functioning and get them properly maintained.

Keep yourself safe, and your garage door maintained!




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